Green Flash – Or is there Really One?

When was the last time you asked about seeing green flash during a beautiful sunset while on Vacation?  Have you seen one and did not know what to look to see?  Here is our experience in Nicaragua and the world of travels.

The atmosphere has to be just right, and the view has to be in your favor.  First, you need to have had a picture of the sunset that is on the horizon or a parallel line.  The green flash is a phenomenon in which part of the sun appears to change color for about 1 2 seconds — the brief flash of green Flash at sunset.

This fleeting spectacle caused by the refraction of sunlight, which is particularly significant at sunset…that is when the light travels through more of the Earth’s atmosphere which bends the sunlight passing through it.  Seems to separates the light into its different colors much like a prism bends and splits sunlight into rainbows from a study of Cornell University.  But here in San Juan del Sur, we have a different description.

The first is a happy hour on the beach from a higher elevation where you see the horizon without obstructions — a few of your favorite drinks like Flor de Cana or a national beer.  And then a stare at the skyline watching the sunset.

Green flashes are not only green but come in colors so you must watch.  If you see it, the flash is for 1 to 2 seconds.  Don’t worry; nobody will challenge you.  So you know hat you are looking for, the glow is oval and flat and occurs close to sea level when the surface of the water is warmer than the air above it.  There are also flashes the are higher and above the sun so be watching for those.  We have a happy hour each day at the office (Iguana Bar) where you can join us.

The rarest flash is known as a green ray. But let’s first concentrate on the green glow.

Do you want to know how to watch for the Green Flash?  Follow me on this journey and comment if it works or does not work for you.  The will frequently occur at the ocean and which at Casa de Cooper you have that advantage.  We are on top of the hill where you have the exciting view of that Pacific Ocean horizon.  Most of the times at Casa de Cooper the conditions are perfect for the look of the Flash.  The best time to catch it on your camera is at when the atmospheric optics are best for this reflection.  You could also find the green flash as the sun rises above the horizon but in San Juan del Sur that would be backward. We face the Pacific Ocean.

It lasts only a few seconds.  Let us know if you catch it and send photos.  I have seen it several times, sometimes not evening knowing it. HeHe  So if you miss it, try the next evening with another Flora De Cona or your favorite beverage.

Make sure not to stare at the sun.  Could hurt your eyes.  Now as a confession, the only real time in all 20 years of looking for a glimpse of the Green Flash was at Happy Hour looking through an empty bottle of Tona Beer, which is a green, and empty bottle pointed to the sun while ordering another one for Happy Hour.

You want to know a more truly descriptive of how the Sun and the earth work together in producing the Green Flash?  Take a look at this diagram.  In this photo, we see more of a description of how it all works with the Sun and the Horizon.  Let us know what you see and comment to us.

We can certainly discuss this and show you when you visit with us at Casa de Cooper in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.


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