A Name Is A Name

At Casa de Cooper in Nicaragua, you might occasionally see our rescue dog around the property.  Millie was a rescue dog which came to us one night while we were relaxing on our porch in Arlington, Texas. She was a lot smaller but a loving little creature.

Of course, we did not really want a dog since we spent our life between Texas and our wonderful Casa de Cooper in San Juan del Sur – but she persuaded us with her amiable personality. One day I looked at the back of her neck and the little bit of white which was dominant, looked like a Schnauzer.  My favorite mother-in-law – Sandras mother – always had Schnauzers as her companion. I pointed this out to Sandra and she agreed. From that little observation, we felt the small cutie little animal of then just 6 pounds was sent to us as part of our family.

We adopted her after trying to find the owner. No chip, no ID just a cute little dog with a white spot that reminded us of Sandra’s mother. Our hearts were open after not finding the owner. Actually, we did find the owner – she was a puppy from a Puppy Mill. When we took her to the vet, we found out she had been bread when she was at least 2 years old and had the remnants of the left over matter after trying to give birth. While we can all get DNA tests as a human, we found out we could do the same and proceeded. The results came back and showed us that she was a cross bread between a Chihuahua and a Mini-Pincher. And yes, she has all the measurements of her body to prove it.

Mille – a name from the puppy Mill with a added “ie” to make her ours – became an important part of the family.

She weighs about 8 lbs and has a major duty while Sandra and I are on the property. She keeps an eye out for intruders, stray cats and birds that fly over the property without permission. She also always know when we’re sad or distressed and she will give her support willingly and with a wagging tail.

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