I have been thinking a lot about our webpage and a workaround.  There are certain things we can do on our free Kigo Website.

  • Add pages. See https://casadecooper.com/faq .  I did this as an experiment with a copy of an old FAQ page.  There are modification to do e.g. click to location of question inside of Word Press but, it served to show we can add.  Take a look.
  • Modify all the other pages with exception of Properties and associated pages because they are tied into the booking engine and updates from our Kigo Property Management.
  • We could simple create an innovative landing page for each of the units or desplay all the Villas and then link them to the properties. Such as goto from our landing page e.g. 3 bedroom to the booking engine

Simply just one idea of getting around adding the FaceBook pixel?