About Us

About Sandra and George Cooper

In 2004, after retiring, we visited friends in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We immediately fell in love with Nicaragua and this small fishing village. Here is our Story:

Sandra and I purchased this property as a retirement and vacation home after a 1 week visit to San Juan del Sur. It started as a 1 bedroom house and grew to a 3 bedroom house and a 1 bed room Casita that is used as a honeymoon suite.

We started out as a 1 bedroom villa, grew to 2 bedrooms and then to 3 bedrooms. The third bedroom was a private suite reserved for our family while the resort rented the other 2 bedrooms. We have now converted this 3rd bedroom suite to serve as the Master Bedroom for Casa de Cooper.

There are 2 private pools and large private patios and balconies from each bedroom for all the wonderful views of the ocean and valley. We feel you will find Casa de Cooper as inviting as we have since finishing the Villa in 2006.

Sandra and I are residents of Texas in the United States and residents of Nicaragua.  We spend about 6 months out of each year in Nicaragua and the rest of the time in Texas traveling.  Fly fishing is a hobby that takes us to Maine each year and then to West Virginia where both of us grew up in Parkersburg, WV.

So, how did we get here?  We sold our software development company, which started in 1983, selling the technology and patents in 2004.  Our decision to build in Nicaragua was one of the best we have ever made.  We are both retired and love to call Casa de Cooper our home in Nicaragua. We now open our house for your private retreat and enjoyment.

A little history of our development; the property was purchased in 2004, designed Casa de Cooper in 2005 and built the 8000 square foot villa, which became our little piece of paradise in 2006. We have been sharing Casa de Cooper as a vacation rental since 2013.  Casa de Cooper has a full time staff of 5 people; 2 housekeepers our caretaker/gardener and our property manager.

We try to be eco-friendly as we raise teak trees on our property for the maintenance of all the wood railings which are wrapped in rope along with the ever giving fruit trees for the enjoyment of our guests.

We are ready to host you for a trip to our little piece of paradise.