Below you find a list of frequently asked questions.

What airport do you suggest I fly into if I’m staying at Casa de Cooper?

The closest airport to Casa de Cooper the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua. From there it takes 2.5 hours to get to San Juan. Atlernately you can fly into the Daniel Obuder International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica. Travel time from there to Casa de Cooper is approxiamately 3 hours.

Can you help with reservations for ground transportation? Who do you recommend I use?

Gaby’s Transport is our recommended provider for ground transportation. Our Reservations Manager & Concierge would be happy to arrange a pick up for you. You can make a reservation with her via email. Alternately you may contact Gaby’s Transport directly via email at info@gabytransport.com or via phone at +505 8882 8368.

Are US dollars excepted in Nicarauga?

US dollars are widely accepted in Nicaragua, however they must be in good condition. Do not bring bills that are written on, torn or stained. Nicaragua currency is the córdoba, abbreviated as C$. The current exchange rate is approximately C$33 per 1 US dollar. When paying for goods or services with US dollars you will almost always receive your change in córdobas.

Are credit cards widely accepted in San Juan del Sur?

Not all places in town accept credit cards.  We do recommend always carrying a bit of cash with you.

Do guests of Casa de Cooper have full use of the Pelican Eyes resort pools?

Yes, all registered guests of Casa de Cooper have full access to the 3 Pelican Eyes pools. They are open daily until 6 pm.

Do you have a restaurant onsite?

Guests of Casa de Cooper benefit from having an onsite restaurant just a short walk away. Cascada Club is open Thursday to Sunday from noon – 10 pm.

Do you have hot water?

Yes, we certainly do have hot water.  You may have to run the water for a short time for it to catch up to your sinks or shower.

Is the in house water safe to drink?

Our water from the faucets are safe to drink.  However, we do suggest you drink the bottle water as you stomach may not agree with the local water.  Ice cubes are fine to make from the sinks along with using the water for cooking. 

Do you supply purified water?

The first 5 gallon bottle of purified water is complimentary.  If you need additional 5 gallons of water please let housekeeping know and they will replace the empty jug.  There is a charge of $5 USD for each jug of water over the initial offering.

Do you charge extra for electricity or is it included in rental?

A daily electricity allowance for each villa is designated as follows: Vista Paraiso 3 bedroom (45 KW); Vista Paraiso 2 bedroom (35 KW); El Faro 2 bedroom (35 KW); Casita Romantica 1 bedroom (30 KW); Studio Paz (15 KW); King Suite (15 KW).

These are sufficient amounts to power the units including responsible use of air conditioning in the bedrooms. Electricity consumption over the designated amounts will be charged at a rate of $0.50 USD per kilowatt hour.

Does Casa de Cooper have back-up power in case of a power outage?

In the event of a power outage we will do our best to provide electricity with our back up generator.

Do I get maid service each day?

We offer housekeeping services 7 days a week between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm each day.  Our maids will make your bed each day, clean your bathrooms and even do your dishes.  If you prefer for us not to bother you with housekeeping, just let us know.

Do you have gas grills for cooking outside?

Yes, all of our villas have 4 -burner gas grills, as well as all the utensils you need to cook with.

Is there a gym nearby the property? What about a yoga studio?

Yes.  Fight Club Gym is a short walk away.  Fight Club is located in town at the East end of the street that has the beer brewer on it. Zen Yoga is a great place.  Zen Yoga is located adjacent to the church’s South East corner across the street from Maurizio’s Pizza .

Can I rent a car in San Juan del Sur?

Yes you can.  In fact, Dollar Car Rental offers discounts to guests of Casa de Cooper.  They will also deliver the car to your villa.  For travel to the surrounding beaches we recommend a 4×4 vehicle, especially during rainy season (May to November).

Are there tour operators in San Juan del Sur who will arrange tours for us?

Yes, for tours we recommend Gaby’s Transport.  You can reach the owner Richard Morales by phone at + 505 8882 8368.  He can organize tours for you such as trip to Granada, Masaya Volcano and much more.